Money and Kids: Responsibility Chart

B’s responsibility chart is a great way for us to share our expectations of her and for her to be able to easily see them. We not only include chores and paid opportunities here but we also include life skills on this chart.

Her chores/life skills are:
-brush your teeth (morning and night) {daily}
-make bed {daily}
-put clothes in hamper {daily}
-get dressed {daily}
-pick up toys {daily}
-set table for dinner {daily}
-dust living room, bedroom, upstairs hallway, dining room, office {weekly}
-mop kitchen {weekly}
-clean bathroom mirror upstairs, downstairs {weekly}
-spray trash cans with disinfecting spray {weekly}
-put away laundry {daily}
-clean sink in downstairs bathroom, upstairs {daily}
-clean your bedroom {daily}
-bath {summer-daily, winter-every other day, as needed as well}
-clean washing machine door {weekly}
-read {daily}

Her paid jobs are:
-clean front and back door $2
-clean door in Mommy and Daddy’s room $1*
-put away towels $1
-clean all doorknobs $2
-vacuum couches and chairs $1
-vacuum stairs $1
-clean windows in living room $1*
*these items happen every other month, every other chore happens each month*

On the wall hangs a poster board where her responsibilities can be found. Each item is on its own card. On the day of the week that the item is to be completed, I simply hang the chore up on the hooks found on the poster board. When she completes the task she flips it over. If its a paid job, this indicates it needs to be paid for by me.

Come back on Thursday to find out what happens with her wages.


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