It’s Birthday Week: Taking Pictures


I try to take pictures of the kids each month to commemorate growth but birthday pictures are one of those extra special picture moments!

I take pictures of the kids for their birthdays rather than taking them to a studio. I think they respond better to me and it’s cheaper.

I decided to create a simple background and thought I would share it with you! Here’s my little bug with the background in the background. (sorry you can’t see the background well in this one, since he’s sitting and not standing or closer to it you can see it quite as well)


I usually take pictures in front of the door because it’s the best light I’ve found.

So I hung an old green tablecloth using packing tape. I chose the tablecloth because it was light enough to hang with packing tape. Then I hung a string of icicle lights across the cloth using packing tape. It was long enough I did two rows. Then I blew up some balloons and taped them to the cloth as well. I left some on the ground around G which made a super cute photo!

On this very day, one year ago at this very hour we were welcoming our second child into the world. I love my sweet little boy so much. I remember the first moment I saw him and how I cried because I was overwhelmed with how much I loved him. Happy birthday sweet little man! Mommy loves you!!


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