Review of weekly goals from May 16-22

I really didn’t get much accomplished this last week. I was still recovering and we went and spent three days at my parents! We did a lot there like pick cherries but we didn’t finish much on my to do list!

1. Make B’s chore chart.
2. Take B to the library to sign up for summer reading program. (we went to the library with my mom and niece just not ours!)

3. Rest and go to doctor’s appointment. (keep resting and taking my meds, I am feeling better though and will hopefully continue to improve!)

Home Management:
4. Work in the garden each day.
5. Clean in garage for two hours.

6. Work 15 minutes each day on upcoming events.

7. Pick up screen for Farmers Market Kick-Off. (we opted to change the events because we had to use generators so this became unnecessary)
8. Create signs and banners for the booths at the Kick-Off. (complete)
9. Finish vendor packet. (done!)


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