It’s Birthday Week: Presents


Presents are part of birthdays everywhere. In some ways I wish they weren’t. I get tired of having to find space for things at time. I would just like to say, “please apply any money being spent on gifts towards (child)’s college fund. thank you.” But I can’t or at least haven’t figured out how to yet.

So since we know they are going to be getting gifts this is a great time to talk about good age-appropriate gifts for a one year old.

The best kind for this age group are either board or soft styles so that they can sustain a few teeth and some spit. These are the books we got for G (on sale after Christmas!). They will not only be fun and engaging, they will help him gain vital prereading skills.

Hammer and Peg Set
(This set was a picture attached to an article at; this is not a site for purchase)
I fondly remember playing with a set very similar to this as a child! I loved it and know that my banging little noisemaker would love it! We have been looking for one and sadly have not found one. This type of hammering toy helps with hand eye coordination as well being great for gross motor function.

Blocks are great for building, knocking down, banging, and a lot of creative play! These work so many motor skills and are great educationally in so many ways! I prefer a block with letters and pictures as well since the introduce print to children.

These are just a very few presents that could be gifted to young children. What do you like to gift to little ones?

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