Birthday Week: Balloon Invitations


When making G’s birthday invitations, I felt pressured to get them out early because his birthday is right around Memorial Day weekend and we were planning a party on M-Day weekend. I like the invite, we ended up with but thinking now and the party and our theme “Bugs and BBQ” the one we made doesn’t fit the theme very well.

Next year we’ll probably do the same thing or something similar for his party since he’ll still be little enough he doesn’t care! So I’ll make a more fitting invite next time!

I made a simple card in Word that said “inflate me” at the top. I then attached the balloon by lacing ribbon through some holes I punched in the top. Ready to see what happens when you blow it up….

How cute is that!!

They give all the basic information to everyone. I have talked to everyone that was invited since then to get RSVP’s since we’re feeding all of them and to give more in depth information if they needed it.

I had them printed through an online company but I honestly cannot remember which one! Sorry! I tried simply writing on the balloons with a sharpie but every time you blew it up the marker faded so we decided to have the balloons professionally printed. The printing was relatively inexpensive as well!


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