We cleaned the laundry room…how simply cleaning and decluttering one room made me sane again!


Clutter can cause so much stress in your life. Your nodding your head in agreement right now…don’t deny it!

My laundry was completely piled with stuff: craft stuff, gift wrapping stuff, home stuff, tools, laundry and just plain stuff. I would get so stressed simply looking at it. I didn’t feel like I could breath because it sent me into a panic.

So my husband, graciously, on his one day off helped me take everything out if the laundry and clean the whole thing. We moved things, rearranged, put things in boxes to donate (which are being delivered tomorrow) and threw some things away.

Was it difficult? Yes
Was it time consuming? Yes
Was it freeing? Absolutely!

So go clean one area that causes you stress and see how it feels. I bet it’ll feel good!!!


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