My Pet Dinosaur Won’t Brush His Teeth (by: Sharlene Alexander)


AR Book Level: N/A
Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: Having a pet is hard work, especially when that pet will not brush their teeth! Read this fun adventure to find out if Dinosaur begins brushing or not.

Review: Ron the dinosaur refuses to brush his teeth until he gets a cavity. The dentist is able to fix it and Ron begins brushing his teeth faithfully after that. This story is great for those reluctant brushers in our lives…not that we have any of those!

February is Dental Health Month so this would obviously be great for February!

At Teaching Kids Healthy Dental Habits, they have a great collection of activities, experiments, songs and many other things. I really like the effects of good dental health experiment. I remember personally doing the egg in soda experiment when I was a kid!

Classified Mom has a fun simple dental health craft that reminds the kiddos to brush!

At Disney Family they have directions to make apple and marshmallow smiles which are absolutely cute and who wouldn’t love to eat them! Yum!!


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