Two week goal review…

This is actually two weeks of weekly goals. I just added on some items since I didn’t post these last week during my Teacher Appreciation Week.

1. Take the kids to the park if the rain subsides. (we had so much fun playing even though the humidity was killer!)
2. Make B’s chore chart. (halfway…)
3. Complete invites for B’s dance recital and mail. (did you see last Saturday’s post?? How cute were those?? And she did such an awesome job at the recital!!)
4. Make gifts for girls at dance. (done and delivered)
**14. Tape dance recital. (my sister taped while I took pictures)
**15. Help B make cards.
** 16. Finish Mother’s Day gifts. (sickness put a damper on this but my wonderful husband jumped up and helped so much!)

5. Paint my toenails. (B painted them for me and they are very cute!)

Home Management:
6. Start seeds outdoors!
7. Go grocery shopping! (completed!)
8. Take shelves out of fridge and deep clean! (it wasn’t a deep clean per say but it was a cleaning!)
**17. Clean in garage for two hours.

9. Complete the baskets for Ladies Day! (6 completed!)
10. Create Facebook event. (complete!)
11. Work 15 minutes each day on upcoming events.
**18. Hold Teacher Appreciation dinner. (quite a success and was very appreciated by all)

12. Distribute yard sale signs for community wide sale!! (all over town and response has been great!)
13. Attend meeting on Monday night. (check!)
**19. Get screen for Farmers Market Kick-Off. (I’m going to have to rent one but did find one and just need to go pick it up.)
**20. Create signs and banners for the booths at the Kick-Off.


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