$30 later…tips to avoid library fines

I have paid so many library fines in the last year…so many…like $80 plus….(clearing throat). Of course I’m tired of loosing money by borrowing books utilizing the FREE library system. That’s when I came up with a few strategies that I now pass along to you as tips for saving yourself from paying those nasty late fees!

1) Keep those nifty little receipts they print. These not only tell you what date your books are due on. It also tells you the exact titles of each of your borrowed books so that you can double check when loading up to held to the library.

2) Keep all of your books in a specific location when not being read. Of course you want to read the books but when they aren’t being read, keep them in a specific place. I spray painted this tub red so it would stick out and remind us to put the books in there!

3) Have a library bag to transport books back and forth from home to library and back again. Ours is not pretty or decorative but we know that it’s only for books and library use. When it doesn’t have books in it ready to go its folded up in the back of our book tub.

How do you avoid those dreaded library fines?


2 thoughts on “$30 later…tips to avoid library fines

    • We didn’t go to our library for quite a while because they said we had lost a book but luckily I had the “receipt” that showed we didn’t have it!

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