Before John Was A Jazz Giant (by: Carole Boston Weatherford)


AR Book Level: 3.8
Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: John Coltrane grew up in the 1930s, hearing sounds all around him. The words of a preacher, the sounds of nature, they all sing to John and help form him into who he becomes.

Review: This book had vibrant photos and simple text making it easy to read with younger children. The story is simple but tells the story well.

MacMillan presents a great 3 page guide that uses the book to introduce sound and rhythms. It also gives instructions on how to make your own instruments.

What better way to learn about John Coltrane than to visit his official site!

At All About Jazz there is a tab named Sounds that allows you to listen to a free jazz mp3 each day. This would be a great introduction into the genre for music students.


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