Teacher Appreciation Week: Supply Cake

This turned out really cute and ever part of it can be used in the classroom! Useful gifts = best gifts!!

–cardboard for bottom (we used a 10″ cake circle)
–paper towel roll (1)
–one subject spiral notebooks (3)
–24 count crayons (7)
–stick glue (6)
–liquid glue (8)
–large rubberbands (4-8)
–plastic bags, i.e. checkout bags from the box stores
–silk flowers (optional)
–hot glue and gun


Place your notebooks in a stack and hold against your paper towel roll. Wrap a rubberband around the stack and move to about two inches from the bottom of the roll. Place another rubberband around the roll and place about two inches from the top.


Spread out the notebooks so that they fully cover the paper towel tube. You may want to either double one of your bands or add another one.


Place a rubber band around the tube about an inch from the bottom of the roll. Slide the crayons into the rubberband.

Place the stick glue in between each of the crayon packs.

Place another rubberband two inches above the top of the crayon boxes. Slide the liquid glue into the rubberband.

Stuff the bags into the center of the tube.


Place pencils into the top of the cake. Placing a few large silk flowers into the top will help hold them in.

Cover the rubberbands with your ribbon by making a rough measurement; cutting the ribbon; an adhering using hot glue. You can either hot glue it to itself on the ends or hot glue it to the rubberband itself. Place silk flower on the different layers as you choose.


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