Teacher Appreciation Week: A Pencil Wreath and A Pencil Holder

Our first craft will use pencils to construct and our second craft will help store all the leftover pencils!

Pencil Wreath
–10 inch cake circle
–hot glue and gun
–8 inch cork circle

Step One: Find the center of the cake circle. Mark it with a pencil mark or simply place you finger into the center.

Step Two: Place a straight line of glue, making an X, using the center mark as a guideline.

Step Three: Glue your pencils down.

Step Four: Continue placing glue lines and pencils in the corner of each set of connecting pencils. (the pencils will stick out farther and farther the more you add)

Step Five: Hot glue the the cork circle onto the center of the wreath.

Step Six: Attach ribbon to the back of the cake circle using hot glue!


Pencil Holder
–empty can, that was cut using a safety can opener

Step One: Place a rubberband around the can.

Step Two: Slide markers underneath the rubberband.

Step Three: Double the rubberband if needed.

Step Four: Add ribbon!



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