Teacher Appreciation Week: Crayon Wreath

We planned to do this one a bit differently but found this to be the easiest way. We also improvised with items we already had on hand!

–10 inch cake circle (you could simply use a wreath form and skip the first step but we were using items we already had)
–exacto knife (if you use a wreath form you don’t need this)
–bowl and pen for tracing (if you use a wreath form you don’t need this)
–hot glue and gun
–crayons (we used 125 on ours but you could use more or less)
–6″ cork circle

Step One: Trace around your bowl trying to center it as much as possible on your cake circle and cut out circle using exacto knife. (If you have a wreath form, skip this step!)


Step Two: Empty all of your crayons out. (I realize you think this a ridiculous step but when you are in the middle of gluing and run out of crayons you’ll thank me!)


Step Three: Begin adhering crayons to your form by placing a small bead of glue.


Step Four: Continue layering!!


Step Five: Attach cork circle to the center of the wreath using hot glue.

Step Six: Tie ribbon around top by sliding the ribbon through one if the small spaces in between the crayons.

You’re ready to hang and admire!!!



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