Cute Ballet Invitations!

B’s first ballet recital is next weekend and I knew that I had to make up an invite to hand out to all of the “close enough to attend” relatives.

So I got on Pinterest of course! Then I saw it and now I shall share it with you!!

I altered my version to be a bit simpler and not so bulky but also love the original.

The first thing you must do is go to Bear Rabbit Bear and download the free pattern she offers. Then gather your other supplies: scissors, white or cream paper, pink paper, tape runner or glue, pattern, and ribbon!


Cut out enough shoes and feet for the number of invites you need.
**I scaled down the pattern so I could use some envelopes I already had. This also allowed me to get three feet out of my cardstock and nine shoes out of my pink.**

Tape or glue shoes to feet.
**They will not match up exactly, so you will need to trim a bit!**


Adhere ribbon.
**B is not old enough to have lace up shoes for dance yet so her’s have one strap so I replicated that in my design. If you like the multiple straps then do that!**


Flip over and write invitation information.
**This is where I really changed up my design. I decided not to mess with a second layer for time sake and bulk.**


I can’t believe how cute these turned out!! I love them!! We are handing them out over the weekend so everyone will get them in plenty of time (most everyone has already been invited, these will just tack down details!)

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