Review of last week’s goals…

1. Make and mail G’s birthday invites! (They turned out so cute! I will post a picture of them during his birthday week when I post all about the preparations for his party!)
2. Take pictures of the kids! (G kept trying to get as close to the camera as possible but I got some really cute ones!)

3. Attend Homeschool Convention. (I really enjoyed it and was able to look at some really awesome curriculum!)

Home Management:
4. Start seeds outdoors! (it has rained everyday that I have been home! The days I was at the convention were fairly nice…we are supposed to have a break on Thursday though so I will plant then!)
5. Get all the laundry washed and organized! (every single piece of laundry has now been washed! I went through all of it and pulled out stuff! Thank goodness that’s done!)

6. Mail packet for safety day. (check!)
7. Deliver invites to Martha on Wednesday. (check!)
8. Complete the baskets for Ladies Day! (I was running behind on this but luckily my sister is wonderful and she has helped me with two of the bags!)
9. Prepare for CO meeting on Sunday. (went quite well!)

10. Distribute yard sale signs for community wide sale!!

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