Homeschool Convention 101: Before You Get There!

This past weekend I attended our local homeschool convention! I had not been since I was being homeschooled myself…almost 8 years ago…

There are some definite tips and tricks when attending a convention that will help you have a meaningful experience!

Before the convention:
• Print a copy of the convention brochure! Read through each description and circle, star or highlight the classes you think would be interesting!
– classes can fill up so having a secondary option is good
– most conventions record the sessions so if you can’t attend one you would like to see look into purchasing the recording
– make sure you plan an hour to go through the exhibit hall each day (if the convention is two days long), this gives you an hour to look on day one and an hour to purchase on day two
• Research the exhibitor’s listed on the brochure/website.
– even if you just skim their website pages it will give you a heads up on what you are going to see at the convenient
• Make a list!
– write down the names of each child, grade, and subject
– write down the curriculum choices you have already made and star them
– write down curriculum choices you are considering and label them with a question mark
– take this list with you when you head into the exhibitor’s hall and use it as a guide
• Gather necessary supplies
– you will want to wear a comfortable outfit and comfortable shoes (I would suggest tennis shoes)
– pack a coat, even if its the middle of summer! Some of the session halls will be hot and some will be cold!
– get a bottle of water and a few small snacks to take with you, it’s nice to have a drink when you are walking around and you need to stay hydrated, snacks are also nice because you never know when you’ll get sidetracked and miss lunch
– locate your checkbook as well as some cash, if you need to pay for parking or pay a vendor for lunch most take cash, some exhibitor’s only take cash or checks as well
– pack everything in a sturdy bag, backpack, or rolling cart, you will be packing large amounts of heavy items around with you do be prepared to work out those arms!

Come back tomorrow for the next installment of Homeschool Convention 101!


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