Zack’s Alligator (by: Shirley Mozelle)


Scholastic Book Level: 2.4
AR Book Level: 2.3

Summary: Uncle Jim mails Zack a box from the Everglades. Inside he finds a note and a small key chain alligator. Zach follows the directions and an adventure begins!

Review: This is a cooky fun book. Obviously we can’t water our keychains and make them grow and come to life but Zack can. He then has the responsibility of taking care of Bridgett. Zack is very serious about taking care of her and this book would be great when considering getting a pet and teaching small children that it will be hard work!

On Yahoo Voices they use Zack’s Alligator in a preschool unit for “A is for Alligator”. They have other book suggestions as well as activities.

At Educational Innovations, they have four different science experiments that can be done after you purchase the Gro-Beast Alligator. The Gro-Beast can be found for less than $3 online.

Uncle Jim lives in the Everglades. Even if you can’t pack up and visit the Everglades you can learn all about it by visiting the National Park Service. They have virtual tours as well!

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