Chinese Family Night

B has been asking me for weeks if we can eat with chopsticks and have sushi. So we decided to have a Chinese family night!

Sushi is thought to be Japanese but originally came from China.

We started out by making some Chinese paper lanterns. They are very simple and gives the little ones some scissor practice.


We then made some fine Chinese food: cashew chicken with sauce and rice (Springfield style), potstickers, crab rangoon, egg rolls, and fortune cookies. {Let me clarify made; I made the rice and sauce from scratch everything else was pre made stuff. I used popcorn chicken for the cashew chicken.}


We also made sushi using toasted seaweed sheets. B thought it was gross so I guess that squashed all future cravings for sushi on her part! đŸ™‚

Don’t forget the fortune cookies! Here’s mine:


We had to have some entertainment and what is better than Kung Fu Panda!

It was a really fun family night and didn’t require tons of work!!

I wonder what theme our next family night will have!


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