Review of last week’s goals…

All week I felt like I was falling over my own feet when it came to getting things done. Our outdoor faucet broke and we had to shut off our cold water in the kitchen and to the outdoor faucet. That put a bit of a hamper on things. We also ended up having a dance performance for B that I had completely forgotten about last week when I was planning out my goals and plans for the week.

1. Make Earth day crafts and snacks! (done! I especially liked the wind chime we made!)
2. Make and mail G’s birthday invites! (I’m waiting on one essential item to come in the mail so I can make them!!! They will be so fun!!)
3. Prep and have Chinese Night on Monday night! (we had so much fun!! Watch for a post telling you what we did!)

4. Practice song! (practiced and performed)
5. Exercise using this program
6. Make address book! (I left it pretty simple but I am really liking it! Watch for a coming post!)
7. Mail three cards! (check!)

Home Management:
8. Start seeds outdoors! (ending up doing a bunch of weeding and ground work but I held off on planting because of the iffy weather)
9. Get all the laundry washed and organized (stuff to my nieces, stuff to a friend, stuff for garage sale and keep items)! (halfway there…)

10. Begin preparing packet for safety day. (complete! Now to the mail!)
11. Make teacher appreciation invites and deliver to Martha by Sunday!!! (I was finishing them up and we found a major error, so we had to redo all of them; delivery moved to Wednesday)
12. Complete the baskets for Ladies Day!! (finished one fully, five partially…)

13. Fix my hubby a special breakfast! (strawberry and banana filled crepes…yummy!!)

14. Make and distribute yard sale signs for community wide sale!! (check! But still need to deliver a few more!)


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