Tulle Pom-Pom Balls! {part one-constructing the ball}

In search for a fun idea, I came across an Etsy listing that had this awesome Pom-Pom ball on it and I realized that my next DIY project had fallen into my lap! Score!!!

Supplies needed:
– cardboard
– pen/marker
– something approximately 4″ in diameter
– something approximately 1.5″ in diameter
– scissors (very sharp!!!)
– embroidery floss
– 1 yard of tulle when using one color (2 colors-1/2 yard each; 3 colors-12 inches each)

Step one: Cut tulle into four inch strips. These do not need to be exact just close. Set aside.

Step two: Trace the larger circle into your cardboard, twice!


Step three: Trace smaller circle into center on large circle. Cut out all parts of both circles!


Step four: Cut a length of floss, approximately 10 inches. Place floss around small opening.


Step five: Place second circle over floss leaving a tail.


Step six: Take your tulle and wrap it around circle weaving through the center until all pieces have been used. Make sure to leave tail exposed.



Step seven: Slide scissors into the space in between the cardboard circles. Begin cutting the tulle.

(I switched to much sharper scissors before I finished!)

Step eight: While still in the cardboard, cinch floss around tulle and knot!

Step nine: Pull the cardboard off. (You can cut it off if you only plan to make the one)


Step ten: Fluff the Pom-Pom and clip any stray lengths.


Come back tomorrow to find out some fun options for using your Pom-Pom balls!!


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