A Recycled Wind Chime {a simple earth day craft}

One day while on Pinterest, I ran across this pin and knew I could recreate it! Not only could I, I would!

So I began collecting cans of all shapes and sizes!

There are some really small, medium and one large 64 oz can.

Then we painted them with children’s paint. B pooped out before we got finished painting all of them so we left some silver. I think it added dimension.

After they dry, you need to punch a hole in the bottom. You can either use a hammer and nail or a drill and screw. I ended up using the latter, it was easier (and I couldn’t find anything bigger than a finishing nail…)


Now you’re ready to thread through your hole. I used a drain thingy-ma-bob (doesn’t that sound real technical), washers, yarn, and scissors.


Thread a piece of yarn through the hole and tie a washer to the end.


Pull into the bottom of the can.


Thread the yarn through the drain thingy-ma-bob.


Once they are all strung and adjusted the way you like, make a large knot at the top. Hang outside and listen to the beautiful clanging!!


**I’m one of those people who doesn’t always go to the website that the pin is linked to because I figure I can figure it out from the picture, so I’m not sure how different our tutorials are.**


2 thoughts on “A Recycled Wind Chime {a simple earth day craft}

  1. Hello!

    I’m a freelance writer with iVillage.com and we’re running a slideshow on fun Earth Day projects. Is it okay to mention your blog post with a brief synopsis and the photo from the site? Also, iVillage has recently been merging with Today.com. While I’m not sure they’ll run it on their site, I need to ask your permission for that as well. Please email me back at nikkiroberti@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much!


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