Monster Bugs (by: Lucille Recht Penner)


Scholastic Book Level: 2.2
AR Book Level: 3.2

Summary: Take a step into the world of bugs! Come find out about some of the biggest, meanest, scariest and smelliest bugs!!

Review: This book is super-informative about a large variety of bugs. I also like how at the end, it reminds us of the importance of bugs to us as a world.


A great Bible based resource for parents can be found at Danielle’s Place. It includes a Biblical Approach to studying each bug as well as an activity to go with each study.

Giant stag beetles are fighters! Over at ARKive, you can watch a really neat video of the beetles fighting over a female.

Army ants will take out anything in their path! This video by BBC shows just how powerful these little guys are!

A fun bug unit can be found over at Scholastic. Not only does it have information on different bugs it also has some fun games as well!

Information for each bug can be found by clicking on their names below:
Goliath Beetle
Giant Stag Beetle
Bombardier Beetle
Giant Waterbugs
Australian Walking Sticks
Praying Mantis
Army Ants
Ant Lion
Black Widow Spider
Raft Spider
Tarantula Hawk
Killer Bees
Assassin Bug
Giant Atlas Moth
Long-tongued Sphinx Moth
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

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