May 18th through the 24th

I would like to get quite a few things done this week. Some of which have to be done because they have a deadline!

1. Make Earth day crafts and snacks!
2. Make and mail G’s birthday invites! (his party will be over Memorial Day weekend so we are sending out the invites a little early)
3. Prep and have Chinese Night on Monday night!

4. Practice song!
5. Exercise using this program
6. Make address book!
7. Mail three cards!

Home Management:
8. Start seeds outdoors!
9. Get all the laundry washed and organized (stuff to my nieces, stuff to a friend, stuff for garage sale and keep items)!

10. Begin preparing packet for safety day.
11. Make teacher appreciation invites and deliver to Martha by Sunday!!!
12. Complete the baskets for Ladies Day!!

13. Fix my hubby a special breakfast!

14. Make and distribute yard sale signs for community wide sale!!

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