What do you do when you don’t have a sippy cup?

We are constantly looking for sippy cups around our house. It’s like they disappear into thin air around here.

We are also the people who make it to other people’s homes without a cup as well! Luckily we have learned that this is our norm so we now leave a few cups at each set of grandparent’s home.

Today however I was fixing little G a drink and began the search for a cup when I discovered there weren’t any of his in the kids cabinet (which houses all of their cups, straws, and unbreakable dinnerware). I knew he would start screaming soon from thirst if I didn’t come up with something….and then it came to me!


Press’N’Seal seals really well and creates a spill proof barrier. I put it over the top of the cup after filling it. I slit a small hole in the tip and slid the straw threw.

I couldn’t believe how well this actually worked!!

So the next time you can’t find a sippy cup or go to a childless home, try the Press’N’Seal Sippy Cup!!

{if you don’t have Press’N’Seal you could try this with Saran wrap and a rubber band, I’m just not sure you would get as tight a seal!}


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