Simple Cinnamon Rolls! {4 ingredients and 20 minutes}

This morning my beautiful B asked for cinnamon rolls. Knowing that I hadn’t prepared for cinnamon rolls I told her I wasn’t sure if we could or not but I would see what I could do!

So I went to my fridge and started scanning! That’s when I found four packages of crescent rolls. I’m really not sure why I have four packages, so I’m thinking on my monthly shopping trip I found them on sale and thought I could use them as sides….but anyway that’s another story.

So I let that rattle around in my brain for a while (not the why but the fact that I had crescent rolls at my disposal) and this recipe was born!!

Simple Cinnamon Rolls
-1 pkg crescent rolls
-4 Tablespoons butter

Step One: Open the crescent roll package. While leaving them still in the tube shaped roll, cut into even (or as you’ll see mine: semi-even) pieces. Shot for 9.

Step Two: Melt the butter. Pour half into the bottom of your pan.

Step Three: Sprinkle pan with sugar and cinnamon. This is to preference on how much sweet you like when it comes to a cinnamon roll.

Step Four: Place crescent rolls into prepared pan.

Step Five: Pour remaining butter over rolls. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, to taste preference.

Step Six: Cook for 20 minutes in a 375* oven. They will grow a bit as they cook but not a huge amount!



2 thoughts on “Simple Cinnamon Rolls! {4 ingredients and 20 minutes}

  1. Whenever I make cinnamon rolls this way, I double the filling recipe… because yummmmm cinnamon!

    These are also really good with a simple milk+powdered sugar glaze. I add cinnamon to that, too šŸ˜‰

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