Do-It-Yourself Bubbles and Wands

I loathe bubble solution. It’s sticky, messy, and difficult to clean up if spilled (always sticky after that). It has things in it, I can’t even pronounce, so if my littlest gets a hold of it and drinks some who knows what he’s ingested! I loathe that the wands are always submerged and sticky when you try to get them out of the bottle! Why in the world can’t you tape that sucker to the side of the bottle so that I don’t have to fish it out? And now we’re back to sticky and slimy…

Okay now that I have confessed to that, I knew I had to try something else. My daughter loves bubbles and I couldn’t just outlaw them even though some days I would seriously like to!

So I ventured onto the Internet to find a way to make our own. Something more natural with fewer chemicals. I also wanted something without glycerin!

Homemade Bubble Solution
(adapted from eHow)
• 11 cups of water, lukewarm
• 24 ounces of Dawn (whatever color your Dawn is will be the color of your bubble solution)
• 1 cup corn syrup
• Large dispenser jug
• Long handled spoon

Put water, Dawn, and corn syrup together in jug. Stir!
It will foam but don’t worry. As it sits you may need to stir more!

Homemade Bubble Wands
(this is also a great fine motor activity!)
• pipe cleaners
• pony beads

At one end make a shape (ovals, circles, squares, triangles, etc). Bead the straight end within half to one inch of the bottom. Place one more bead on the pipe cleaner and twist pipe cleaner together above bead.

Have fun using your creations now!!


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