Review of last week’s goals…

I did pretty well this week even if I didn’t get everything checked off. A few things didn’t even get started so I was a bit frustrated with that.

1. Make G a pair of jammies.
2. Print pictures of a ballerina and Superman. (I went to print and couldn’t find it on the computer!!! Oh no!!!)
3. Take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits! (They weren’t in their Easter outfits but I did take pics and they were so, so cute!)
4. Mail Easter cards! (complete! The need for a real address book is becoming more and more apparent!)

5. Practice song!
6. Listen to two hours of my audiobook! (as of Thursday I had already!)
7. Work out fours days!

Home Management:
8. Start seeds indoors and outdoors! (seeds started indoors!)
9. Make curtains. (done! Watch for a future post on sprucing up the home to catch a peek of them!)
10. Clean house thoroughly for company! (done and then we stayed outside the whole time because of the great weather! But it gave me a head start on spring cleaning and garage sale gathering!)

11. Prepare to-do lists for May and June events! (done!)
12. Prepare flyers for auction. (they turned out quite nicely!)
13. Make LNO signs. (complete!)


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