Making a car kit {for all of those unexpected moments!}

Maybe it’s just me but when I get in the car, it seems like something goes crazy. Like a hair band breaks, hair didn’t get combed, you forgot to put on deodorant or sunscreen.

My solution: an emergency car kit!

Of course you don’t want to carry the whole house in your car so you’ll want to get travel size items and you’ll also have to decide what items are most important for your kit. They will be different for everyone!!

My kit includes:
• a 1.6 liter “Really Useful Box”
• Chapstick
• deodorant
• Germ-X
• wet wipes
• sunscreen
• foldable hairbrush with mirror
• hairspray
• glow in the dark flashlight
• hair bands
• lint roller
• a “first aid to go” kit
• straws
• toothbrush holder

This is what I ended up with:





I also keep a regular size box of Kleenex in my car and a small diaper bag for the kids.

I would suggest keeping the straws away from little ones because my stinker loves to pull all of them out of the toothbrush holder!



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