Simple crafts for the kids {crafts to keep them occupied while you prepare for Easter}!

Some of you out there may be running to the store today to get supplies for tomorrow, you may be prepping food or cleaning house. Or all of the above! So what do you do with kids? How do you occupy them?

1. Prepared crafts!
You can buy some really simple crafts from places like the Target dollar spot. These crafts are easy enough that even the youngest kids can do them without any help. I especially love the ones that require no glue.

Ready to craft

Now it is a fun home decoration and it only cost $2 and allowed me to have 30 minutes of time!

2. Simple crafts from items you already have at home!
Lambs made out of handprints are so easy and fun! I helped trace our hands and then let the kids go to town with the colors and cotton balls. B decided to cut them out and make a mural. I had some brown craft paper and it looked so cute!
Stuff around the house!

So cute!!

3. Have them watch an Easter movie!
This is the newest VeggieTales Easter movie and it’s very cute.

This is an older release but I think it gets the message across better!

I hope these ideas have helped and you have a wonderful Easter!

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