4 Easter stories!

I didn’t look up reading level information on these and I don’t plan to include activities, just a summary and my review!

The Story of Easter
By: Patricia A. Pingry

Summary: Spring brings about new life after a long winter. It also brings Easter. Easter is a time to remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to save us from our sins.

Review: This is a beautiful book. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is one of such great love for us. This book would be a great introductory for young children as it thoroughly explains Jesus’ sacrifice but in a fashion they can understand.

Egg Hunt
By: Anne Price

Summary: The barnyard babies are on their first Easter egg hunt. Looking for eggs is fun and exciting as each baby discovers a new color and number of eggs.

Review: This is a very cute rhyming and counting book. We got it for little G as this is his first Easter as well! He loves to turn the pages as the animals and backgrounds are so bright and colorful!

Harry Bigfoot
By: Michelle J. Boeldt

Summary: Harry Bigfoot is always made fun of because of his big feet. Nobody wants to play with him and he isn’t allowed to try out to be an egg deliverer until one race when Harry Bigfoot becomes very important for being different.

Review: This is a true under dog type story. Think Rudolph for Easter. It is extremely cute and the illustrations are darling! B kept asking to read this one and each time we came upon the part about the other bunnies being mean she would comment on how that was not very nice.

Where are the Easter Eggs?
By: Sujatha Lalgudi

Summary: Easter Bunny has gifts for each of his friends help them find their gifts by counting the items in the photo.

Review: I did not like this book nearly as much as some I’ve read. It was very straightforward but almost too much so. B didn’t want to read it a second time so she wasn’t thrilled with it either.


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