Review of last week’s goals…

I decided to stop trying to be superwoman this week and simply complete as much as I could. I feel much better about what I accomplished even though some things have not been checked off!

1. Make G a pair of jammies.
2. Make Easter baskets for both kiddos. (I was planning to actually see baskets for the kids and then I realized, I’m not Superwoman and that’s OK! So I put together cute Easter buckets for Easter morning!)
3. Help B put together her Easter mail and mail it! (so stinking cute!)
4. Take kiddos to Easter Egg Hunt! (we did not make it because my morning meeting ran long but we did do a big egg hunt at home and will do a couple more before Easter!)
5. Print pictures of a ballerina and Superman. (completely forgot to take the card to the store for printing….oops!!)

6. Practice song! (I may have to rethink this one!)
7. Listen to two hours of my audiobook. (Audiobooks are great in the car and while crafting instead of TV! I’m in love!)
8. Work out fours days! (only once… :-/ )

9. Schedule April date night.

Home Management:
10. Start seeds indoors and outdoors! (seeds outdoors!! Accomplished!!)
11. Make curtains. (half done….)

12. Prepare more eggs! (700 more, I think I am done with eggs forever!)
13. Deliver eggs and buns. (2000+ eggs and 400 buns…DONE!)
14. Attend VBS training. (quite informative!)
15. Take care of follow-up notes from meeting. (done!)

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