Easter Happy Mail!

B loves to mail things! She thinks it’s so fun to go pick out something small at the store and drop it in the mail. She also loves to get mail!

With Easter right around the corner it made since to mail something out, and what would be more appropriate then…Easter eggs!!

We started with jumbo eggs and a bowl of goodies, which included some candy, stamp pads, stretchy bunnies and a few other things!


Then we stuffed away! G helped too!



The next step is very important! Tape the eggs shut! They will pop open if smashed, squished or squeezed if you aren’t careful and being in a mail truck means that’s much more likely. I pulled a strip of tape and then cut it in half (hot dog style). Apply!


Now you need to address these stinkers!


They are all ready to go!! These cost less than $2 a piece to mail and cost less than $1 a piece to purchase and stuff!


Super cute and super fun!!! Everyone who’s received them so far has raved about how wonderful they were too! That makes my heart happy!!!


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