If you’re not “Going Green”, what color are you?

This question hit me while I was cleaning the laundry room. I was trying to declutter and thinking how much junk do we have! I then began to think about “going green” and what that means to different people.

So if you’re not “going green” what color are you? Are their varying colors of “green” that a person can be?

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I have to be real honest with you, and don’t judge me please, but I’m not the most “green” person out there! Sorry but I’m not.

There are some areas where I definitely am “green” and Eco friendly like composting. I reuse all of my non-meat scraps in this way. I make laundry detergent, I use baking soda and vinegar rather than chemical cleaners, we open the house in the spring and fall to decrease energy usage on heating and cooling, and I garden!



One area I am not very Eco friendly is in the kitchen. I use paper towels and ziplock bags.
There are many reasons why I use them but I’ll only give you a few (I’m not doing this because I feel the need to justify using them but because I feel the need to tell others that it’s okay to not be “green” all the time) It’s what works for my family! I use bags instead of reusable containers because if I put it in a see through bag it’s eaten which keeps us from wasting. If its in a plastic container it could have five legs and knee length hair before anyone touches it! I use paper towels because throwing away a dirty paper towel means cleaning the mess immediately not cleaning it by making a towel dirty that I then have to wash which adds to the laundry!

How “green” are you?

One thought on “If you’re not “Going Green”, what color are you?

  1. Though I would like to be a better steward of the planet, I’d say I’m the same shade of “green” and generally speaking, something “green” in our house is a side effect of something else like being frugal or lazy.

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