Sit back and laugh a little….

Sometimes in life we need to just stop, take a breath, and laugh at all of the funny moments. I think as a society we have become too serious and too busy. We are constantly on the go and we never stop to just appreciate moments in life anymore. So today’s post is a couple of fun stories about my little ones to make you laugh or smile. If you have one to share, comment below….

G and the Domino!
Little Man constantly has a domino. I don’t really understand the obsession other than the noise factor since it clicks when he crawls.
He also loves to clang his domino against things and drop it into things. This obsession leads us to the bathroom. B doesn’t shut the door when she goes into the bathroom at home and since G is investigating everything he likes to follow her into the bathroom. So the other day he follows her, domino in hand into the bathroom. Next thing I know B is yelling saying “Brother No!” I run into the bathroom to see G looking down into the space of the toilet seat that’s exposed while B goes potty. At that moment I realize I see no domino and then I spot it….in the toilet…fail! So I gather the necessary supplies, tongs, and get to work fishing it out. Not only do I end up having a hand covered in pee I also have a four year old standing behind me laughing because she thinks it’s funny!

Reading together!
Nothing warms my heart like seeing the kids play together. There are over three years difference in their age so sometimes that seems like a lofty expectation. But then those precious moments occur that remind you of the beautiful gift you have been given.

Malt ‘O Meal: the breakfast of Mommies!
B is not hip on trying new foods. I’m not sure that any kid at her age is…anyways I try to regularly place new foods in front of her. At breakfast I like I good bowl of Malt ‘O Meal, plain with nothing added. So B decided to take a bit of mine to see what she thought. She decided that Malt ‘O Meal was too banana-y tasting for her. (this would be where I might place one of those cute emoticons with the raised eyebrow of I knew how!) Her breakfast cereal of choice…bran flakes…yes, she’s odd!


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