Guest Post: Upcycle a T-shirt into a Half Braided Scarf

My sister, Holli made this really neat half braided scarf out of a t-shirt and agreed to write up a post for me! I really appreciate it and am super excited to share it with you!

Are you ready to go?
This will require a large to extra large t-shirt that has no side seams. I used two color coordinating t-shirts. This means you can either make two scarves or do one with extra left over. You will cut directly under the arm pits of the sleeves. Then you will use the bottom and cut into 1″ strips from side to side so it makes 12 loops. Now you should have loops that can be stretched as shown in the image.

Once you have all the loops stretched you can gather them together. Place them around your neck all together.

You will then want to gather them all together and tie them off in a double knot on the right side. Once you have them tied off you will cut them right below the tie.

After you cut them you will then want to place the cut end behind your neck and measure around to where you want your braid to start.

We will tie it off again at this point. This time we will not cut though. We will take the 12 strands and divide them into 3 sections.I divided my 2 colors evenly in the 3 sections. Now you will do a 3 part braid, left over middle, then right over middle and repeat.

I like to give a little twist as I braided to accent the coloring. If you do a solid color you wouldn’t have to do this. Once you start braiding you can check the length to make sure you get it long enough. This you will do by wrapping the entire necklace from the back of the neck around. Once the unbraided piece matches the braid with it wrapped in the correct spot you will then tie off the braid.

Then we will hot glue the two ends together. Off of the left over shirt you will want to cut a stripe wide enough to wrap around the hot glue ends. This we will hot glue and wrap around the ends to cover up the ends.

Now that your finished enjoy and have fun showing off your new necklace you have created.

Thanks Holli for sharing!


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