Epic Tails (by: Xavier Finkley)

AR Book Level: N/A
Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: Can you guess which animal it is by seeing it’s tail?

Review: This is a really simple book for younger kids. We read it once and B was done with it. She didn’t want to read it again because she said it was for little kids like brother. šŸ™‚ It took just a few minutes to read and is very simple.

Epic tails would be a great info cruft for ‘ail’ word even though the book is not a rhyming story. At Enchanted Learning
you can find a mini book printable that includes ‘ail’ rhyming words. At Moms Who Think there are some great rhyming word lists, not just ‘ail’ words.

From the brain of Hope: either copy the tails and animals from the book or make cards with tails and animals. Using these cards, matching the appropriate tail to animal, using the rules of Memory. (Follow this link and read the gameplay section for directions on how to play Memory.)

From the brain of Hope: investigate different animals from the book by following each of these links-


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