Review of last week’s goals….

As I look at the list I think of all the things I got done that weren’t on the list and I feel pretty good overall!

1. Fly a kite with B. (it has either rained or not been windy enough to fly a kite so we will have to wait on this one so instead we did rainy day activities and made sock puppets!)
2. Make G a pair of jammies. (I got the pattern cut out and then realized I didn’t have thread in the right color nor did I remember to pick up the snaps…oops!)
3. Pick up fabric for B’s princess tea party costume. (pattern cut and ready to sew!)

4. Make outfit for date night! 1910s here we come! (I didn’t get it done 😦 but I did get a new dress for date night!)
5. Date night!! (so much fun!!!)

6. Work on cross stitch. (10 mins is still working on it!!)

Home Management:
7. Start seeds indoors and outdoors!
8. Make curtains.
9. Spring clean the downstairs. (living room, bathroom, office, kitchen, and dining room done…laundry room still evades me)

10. Set dates for April CO meeting and LNO! (done!)
11. Go to Easter meeting. (done!)


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