Window Frame Collages, part one {prepping the window}

We remodeled our house three years ago (ripping down to foundation and stud walls and rebuilding). We ended up having a lot of old windows (to give you an idea we put in 25 new windows). Some of these windows where broken, the house hadn’t been lived in for four+ years, and it had also been vandalized so some had spray paint in them which rendered them unusable.

However there were quite a few waiting to be used! I wanted to bring an element of the old house into the new so making a picture collage with an old window made perfect sense! This is also a simple fun project that anyone can do!

Preparing the window–
• an old window (it can have panes or not)
• 2 washcloths (not your fancy decorative ones either, some old junky ones)
• a bucket of soapy water
• paper towels
• vinegar in a spray bottle or windex
• painters tape
• newspaper
• sealer spray (we used Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Spray)

Step one: simply wipe down the window with a dry washcloth, you want to get as much gunk off before you wet wash as possible!

Step Two: using the bucket of soapy water and your second washcloth, wash the entire window (frame and glass)

Step Three: using vinegar or windex and the paper towels, wash the glass again, you want it really clean!

Step Four: cover the glass with newspaper and painters tape


Step Five: spray frame areas with sealer spray, this is essential especially if the windows have old paint on them!

Exception to Step Five: if you plan to paint the window frame, do not spray with sealer (you’ll just have to sand paper it off) paint instead!

Now you are ready to decorate your window frame! Come back Thursday to see how to do it and how my frame turned out!


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