My Son Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night….

My sweet little G is 9 months old and still gets up every two to three hours throughout the night. Needless to say I’m exhausted.

I have not had a full nights sleep in almost a year (the end of the pregnancy I couldn’t sleep because of heart burn and sciatic problems).

So I am trying something which might or might not work. G is breastfed still and I have frequently put him to bed after falling asleep while nursing. I need and want to break this habit as it means he won’t go to sleep without me. So tonight we began a new chapter…

I put him in his crib and stood with my back to him. That way he knew I was close but I was avoiding eye contact with him. I let him cry for about twenty minutes and realized that was futile. So I placed my hand on his tummy while he laid down without looking at him. He stopped crying and after another twenty minutes or so went soundly to sleep. Tonight when he wakes up I plan to simply walk to his crib, place my hand on his tummy, and soothe him back to sleep. I am planning to avoid nursing in the night as he is old enough to not need the night feedings. Eventually I’ll have to break him of this habit as well but for now if I can become sane and get a few zzz’s it will be worth it.


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