The Nutt Family: An Acorn Adventure (by: Angela Muse)

AR Book Level: N/A
Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: Praline and Chess Nutt live in a tree with their parents. The have all sorts of adventures while imagining in the safety of their tree. But one day, something happens. It starts with a shake and turns into a real adventure!

Review: This is really cute and a great play on the names! The story takes some really fun twists and turns. You want to keep going. It isn’t too long which makes it great for younger ones but it carries enough of a storyline that I read it and enjoyed it as an adult!

The Nutt family is a group of acorns so what better activity than a study about acorns. The Activity Idea Place has a thread filled with acorn activities. These are directed towards early childhood.

Over at The Homeschool Club there is a whole plethora of information about squirrels. It also has a bunch of great activities, resources, songs/rhymes, and even recipes.

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