Hobbies can be expensive…some tips to make them more cost-effective

I have tons of hobbies, many of which I have mentioned before. Many of which can be very expensive if I would let them be!

Some hobbies you can turn around to produce profit, well really any of them if you want to put the effort into them. I personally don’t want to make products to sell (or at least not right now). I just want to do things for fun, so here are some tips to make different hobbies pay you back, or at least be cheaper!

• make items that can be worn, rather than buying a winter set (gloves, scarf, and hat) make them
• make baby blankets to gift to new moms rather than buying expensive gifts

• don’t buy patterns at full price, ever! Joann’s runs 99 cent sales regularly!
• make household items, such as curtains; I am saving almost 75% by making my curtains!
• make simple baby gifts; things like burp clothes and bibs are ridiculously expensive but can be made cheaply and with free patterns if you just search the Internet!
• use free pattern sites to find patterns!
• make special evening and formal wear; if you hit a 99 cent sale and get a wedding dress pattern, you can easily save 200%+ on a dress! (I know I did it!!)

• keep a good record of what threads you have so you aren’t re-buying threads you already have

• to offset the cost of a flower garden, grow your own vegetables!
• start everything from seeds!
• trade seeds/plants with other gardeners

• most people have eReaders these days or a smart phone that is capable of supporting an eReader app, instead of buying books get books off the free lists! That’s how I get most of the books I read!
• use the library!
• find a bookstore (usually small local types) that do book trade-ins or that buy used books and magazines for credit
• go to thrift stores for past issues of magazines rather than paying for subscriptions

Do you have any money saving or equalizing tips for those of us hobby enthusiasts out here?

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