Review of last week’s goals…

We got hit with the 24-72 hour flu bug on Sunday night. Gross! But I still got quite a bit marked off!! I think I like the lists with ten more than those with more. It seems more attainable!

1. Help B mail her “happy mail”! (3 kites and 2 frisbees in the mail. Purchased and mailed for less than $15)
2. Get material to make G’s pajamas. (picked up material for around $12 for 3 sets of jammies, which will be warm flannel jammies)

3. Make outfit for date night! 1910s here we come! (just got my pattern Monday in the midst of the flu of March 2012 epidemic, fabric on Tuesday and a cranky baby prevented any further progress)
4. Make a special dinner for my husband. (great weather meant grilling!! Yummy!)

5. Write 2 letters. (I ended up writing emails this week but did write 6 do that counts for something, I think…)
6. Work on cross stitch. (about halfway done)

Home Management:
7. Start seeds indoors and outdoors! (need to start more as the season continues but I did get this weeks list of planting done!)
8. Return curtains and make new ones. (curtains returned and new fabric purchased, I need to get ribbon to add for embellishment, and to sew them up)

9. Set dates for March and April CO meeting and LNO! (March is set…)
10. Go to Easter meeting. (they set the date for next week. Oops written down wrong…)


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