A St. Patrick’s Day Wreath….that glitters!!

St. Patrick’s Day is in 4 days….

I’m not much into the holiday really but I LOVE GREEN!!! It’s my most favorite color! So I had to do something….

So I made a wreath…because that’s what I do….

a wooden wreath form
(the only before picture I have, how cute is she though!)
(I used a sheet of plain and a sheet of glitter, to add color)
hot glue and gun
shamrock pattern (I used a clip-art pattern in two different sizes)

Step One: draw shamrocks onto foam and cut out

Step Two: hot glue them onto your wreath form (I suggest a dry run first and I didn’t hot glue the glitter ones because they had sticky backs)

Step Three: hang that beautiful wreath of green!!

This was so simple and turned out so cute!!

Normally this would be a shining beacon in a cold dreary winter but since it’s 80 degrees outside, not so much this year. It’s still pretty and shiny though!!!


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