Back to the basics….

I love a lot of the “lost arts” of the crafting and homesteading worlds.

I crochet, knit, embroider, cross stitch, and sew! I learned how to crochet, embroider and sew at an early age. In college I learned to knit and in early adulthood how to do counted cross stitch.

I love to cook from scratch and garden. Both things I learned in early years.

These things fill my life with enjoyment as well as provide me with the ability to manage outside of a store for many things. I had never made a homemade pie without making and rolling the crust until a year or so ago. It does make life easier to just buy a pie crust but you lose a bit of experience doing it that way.

I call these things the “lost art” because it seems like these skills are being lost as the older generations pass away and that saddens me. I plan to pass along these skills to my children and hope you do the same!

Do you have a skill that seems to be fading away?


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