Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? (By: Eric Carle)

AR Book Level: N/A
Scholastic Book Level: 1.5

Summary: Explore this book to find out what animals have mothers!

Review: This is a really simple book that my four year old enjoyed and after reading it aloud once has it memorized and she is “reading” it to herself now. The illustrations are gorgeous and jump off the pages at you!


Watch kangaroos live at this link.

Scholastic has a page with two really fun, very interactive activities. The first is a matching game where you match animal picture to animal name. The second is an art project that sounds really fun!

From the mind of Hope: You could also create a matching game with pictures of animals and their mothers, played in the style of memory. These pictures could be taken from this book or clipart pictures as well.

From the mind of Hope: each child could do a short research project on a different animal from the book. This could be as simple as what color is the animal to what’s its habitat.

From the mind of Hope: place the picture of each animal on a large wall map in the region in which they live.

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