Winter sowing…

I have never had any success starting seeds indoors. I don’t know if they don’t get enough light or if I just started with such a lack of knowledge that they were bound to fail!

So this year I decided to try a method called “winter sowing”. You basically make a mini greenhouse out of a pop bottle or milk jug. Then you place them outside and let nature take care of the rest. Because it works like a greenhouse, heat traps from the sun keeping plants warm and watering the plant through condensation.

How-To: Pop Bottles
All you need is a bottle and scissors!

Cut the bottle in half!

Using the end with the opening, cut slits about two inches long.

The slits should now allow you to place the top inside the bottom.

How-To: Milk Jug (sorry no pics)
You need a jug and scissors.
Cut the jug leaving an inch or two attached as a hinge. Cut below the handle but not much lower.

Then you plant!!

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