Review of last week’s goals….

This week G came down sick, then B and as I type Hubby is telling me he doesn’t feel well…. Boo….

1. Nurse my sick baby boy back to health. (he’s better but now sis has a cough again…)
2. Begin rotation of toys! (boxed up and ready to go)
3. Clean B’s room with her help! (she was very excited to work together!)
4. Help B mail her “happy mail”! (since she wasn’t feeling well we didn’t mail it this week)

5. Support my husband as we teach youth Wednesday night.
6. Have an at-home date night. (we tried to go to a movie but ended up taking B to the Urgent Care so we spent some time together at home cleaning on Monday which is also very therapeutic for our relationship!)

7. Write 2 letters. (didn’t even start…)
8. Finish writing B’s birthday letter. (done!)

Home Management:
9. Get all of the laundry out of the laundry room; if there isn’t space somewhere go through and purge unnecessary items! (we “spring cleaned” on Monday but didn’t get the laundry room cleaned. In fact we put more dirty clothes in there, however I did go through and get all the clean clothes out!)
10. Start seeds indoors.
11. Look for pallets to use for picket fencing. (found four in the back lot without even really looking! Awesome!!)
12. Either return and replace curtains or figure out how to make these work. (I looked for other options and am just not satisfied with what I found so I am planning to make new curtains)

13. Help teach youth on Wednesday
14. Set dates for March and April CO meeting and LNO!
15. Check on Easter event(meeting set and ready to go!)


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