Composting around the house…

We all know that food is the obvious compost item (not meat, remember never meat!) but there are also many household items you can compost that you may not have thought of.

Cardboard: paper towel and toilet paper tubes, boxes (cereal, crackers, etc.)
Paper products: napkins, paper towels, kleenex (even used ones!), shredded computer paper, bills, and newspapers (make sure you only use papers printed with soy ink, they should clearly be labeled like this one
from my local paper)

Hair: from the drain and your hairbrush!

Lint: from the dryer

Craft items: scraps of yarn, thread

Animal poo: from vegetarian animals (cows, rabbits, chickens, etc.)

I am sure there are tons of other things you can use, do you know of any others?


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