My $15 Compost Bin!

I love to garden, I’m not very good at it but I love to garden. One of the best things for a garden is compost. Compost provides great nutrition for new plants!

So I set out to compost. I began looking for bins and was floored when I realized that it would cost me $80+ to buy one! I knew that any money I spent would be a pure investment in the garden but just couldn’t bear to spend that money.

So I decided to make one! And since I don’t own a saw and wanted to make the easiest bin I could, I decided to follow some instructions I found on

I gathered my supplies:
• a large plastic storage tub
• a drill and bit

Drill holes all over the tub (sides and bottoms).

Place outside and fill with compost items!

Remember not to push too hard or you can split the plastic. Also do not use too large of a drill bit otherwise compost will fall through the holes.

Come back tomorrow for another composting and gardening post!!

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