February’s Month Project…An “I Spy” Book…

I have wanted to make a homemade “I Spy” book for a while. I like the idea of using things the kids are already familiar with to create something they love.

I gathered items of the same color or same theme. Then I laid them out on the same colored background as the items or majority of the items.

I printed the picture in a 5″x7″ landscape on the top half of a sheet of card stock and included the list of items to find with a picture on the bottom half. I then placed the pages in page protectors inside a binder. I also put a dry erase marker in a zippered pouch with a lens cleaning cloth so she could circle the items once she finds them then erase the whole thing once she’s completed it.

I made a set of colored pages in easy and hard as well as theme pages in easy and hard. I split the pages with dividers but that really was unnecessary.

It turned out really cute but I haven’t had a chance to take pictures with her and the book yet. I’ll try to snap a few and get them added!


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